The highly stimulating impulse that contact with animals brings to all generations, with the aim of addressing alternative and multi-disciplinary learning and the discovery of the basic independence that boosts self-esteem, self-confidence and tonic-emotional maturity through specific Individualized Educational Projects, supported by motility protocols that involve the person globally, is well-known.

When these activities are addressed to disabled persons or persons with social illnesses, the above mentioned considerations keep the same main qualities with the addition of a new value. Sport and interaction with animals constitute an irreplaceable instrument for the  prevention of degenerative pathologies connected to sedentariness and a reduced cognitive-relational stimulation; when practised by someone with problems, they  go beyond the limits of  the social/play activities of free time, and have a therapeutic meaning, a fact that current sports medicines have also revealed indispensable.

It is believed that the  world of sport and scholastic institutions, because of their roles of service and the pivotal element of education in the life of future citizens, are able to assume a fundamental responsability in the conception of an “alternative pedagogy”,  with its objectives being the development of  the personality, abilities and expectations of the individual. From this basis, by sharing the aims of the European Year of the Disabled 2003 and Education Through Sport of 2004, the EQUITABILE® movement was born with the aim of promoting an “alternative”  form of education dedicated to the social inclusion of the weaker section of the population.


 It is not our intention, however, to lead you to believe the proposal of “Hippotherapy” as an activity applied purely to the rehabilitative aspect, where the deficit component of the subject is at the centre of the professional attention of the referring medical team:  the whole person is at the centre of the EQUITABILE® attention;  the person as a whole with its able and non-able components, with the intention of upholding the importance of the different abilities expressed by our followers, creating a constructive spark of awareness and interaction with the rest of the so-called “able” world.

UNESCO has already underlined, at several reprises in its documents, “the necessity to associate sporting activities to instruction programs, in a  way in which the activity contributes to the integral formation of the citizen, to his physical development and to the development of his social habits”.

Who  we are:

We are a Movement that promotes equestrian activities in Social issues, more specifically Integrated Equitation, inspired by the traditions of hippotherapy and equestrian rehabilitation, but exclusively for its educational, relational and pre-sport aspects,  at the same time however, recognizing the importance of  the rehabilitative types of activities.

 Our interventions are directed towards social inclusion. We operate under the protection of a strong Registered Brand (EQUITABILE®), a guarantee of quality and competence, in accordance with strong ethical rules (linked to the welfare of both the animal and the person) and through the application of operative protocols recognized at an international level.

The EQUITABILE®philosophy and mission:

The vision:

The EQUITABILE® movement is an independent and apolitical organization, inspired by the universal values of respect for all diversities, which aims at achieving its objectives with other similar organizations operating in the fields of sport, free time, culture and education which have the same aims.

EQUITABILE®  hopes to become an influential point of reference in the fields of Activities Assisted through Animals (A.A.A), Animal Assisted Education (A.A.E.) and Integrated Equitation, whose main objective is to offer its activities, not only to a small section of the population but also to widen its intervention in a global and interactive context.

If it is true that prejudice is caused by a lack of knowledge, we strongly believe that this project – not necessarily new, but extremely practical – can lay the foundations for creating a process of acceptance of  “diversities”  in general, and can be a resource for society as a whole.


The mission:

The main goal of EQUITABILE® is the social integration of the less fortunate through sport, which is experienced as an evolution of the therapy; horse-riding, the horse and the teaching of social relations through these activities are also seen as a valid method for breaking down prejudices.

EQUITABILE® aims at giving environmental and psychomotor education in a “farm” context to children and teenagers, through specific projects involving sports, games, and cultural activities resulting in psychophysical growth and offer a wealth of experience.

EQUITABILE® aims to give a real answer to the widespread problem of truancy: educational projects aimed at obtaining ‘hands-on’ competences in a particularly enjoyable open air context.

This “learn by playing” and “learn by doing” educational method, contributes to the development of a mature personality and the awareness of one’s value and potentiality through the activities themselves.

Who is EQUITABILE® aimed at?

EQUITABILE® wishes not only to satisfy the needs of those who are looking for a specific training in Integrated Equitation for a new job teaching horse-riding or in some way connected to the world of horses.

We hope that, in time, our website will be helpful to the organizations operating in social fields through inter-action with horses and education in general, for the search of Integrated Riding Centres, which will eventually contribute to the growth of this website and the movement itself.

The Training:


All the EQUITABILE® operators have to follow a specific training course, including theory and practical classes in order to reach the  highest competence and security standards.

Courses can be attended by those who are able to ride the 3 gaits, who have a basic experience in the equestrian world, and that have a cultural level in line with the duties permitted by the patent.

Together with some important Sports, Educational and Voluntary Organizations, we organize courses for Technical Operators, Volunteers and Professionals who want to acquire specific competences in the field of equestrian rehabilitation centred on the educational and relational aspect:  Integrated Equitation.

The courses follow the highest and strictest  quality standards  in order to guarantee a high technical competence in the field of equestrian rehabilitation.

Will you join us?


We want to create an international network of contacts and connections with all equestrian centres that strongly believe in the power of horses to help less-fortunate people.

If you believe in our project, if you work in the field of Social Riding or in the Mediation through horses, you can join us!

If you have a centre that operates in the same Social Field, and if you wish to join the EQUITABILE® network, do not hesitate to contact us; together we can start a project of human and professional growth! Moreover, you can affiliate your centre to EQUITABILE® as a Centre Partner totally free.

Contact us at this email address: